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Kuumba African Dance and Drum Classes
Accepting Interest Forms

In conjunction with our Cultural Enrichment component, KADAD offers various genres of traditional African dance styles, drumming, and music.  As an intergenerational program, KADAD recruits participants ranging from age 6 to adult.  We are offering a series of dance or drumming classes in successive phases.  Mastery of traditional West African drumming and music will provide cultural exposure while adding to skill for arranging and composing rhythms, improving right-left hand coordination, rhythm creativity. 


If you are interested or know someone who would like to participate, please fill out the contact form on the website.

Sankofa Community Garden
Volunteers Needed

Sankofa Community Garden teaching and learning garden will be starting its 2018 growing season.  We are need volunteers and continually recruit volunteers to assist with garden maintenance and season start and wrap-up.  This  season we are looking to reorganize the garden, rotate crops and continue beautifying our garden space.


Our goal is to have a edible garden and a display of tranquil colors and beauty all year long.  If you are interested or have a group interested in volunteering at the Sankofa Community Garden please fill out our contact form on the website.




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Black History - 365 Days a Year

FOROT believes in celebrating Black/African history 365 days a year and not 28 days in February.   We continue to honor and uplift our Ancestors and celebrate African culture and Black history with joy, creativity and encouragement.  We welcome your input as to what you would like to see in a presentation.


Please consider joining FOROT  as we Educate, Emulate and Embrace African history!


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Accepting Interested Participants Now!

A FREE Health and Wellness initiative focusing on fitness and healthy lifestyles through our Double Dutch program. The purpose is to increase physical and social activity through Double Dutch jump rope, thus, leading to healthier and socially active individuals. Double Dutch is a free program for novice, intermediate and advance participants for ages 7 and older including Adults and Seniors and volunteers. We are currently accepting interested participants for Winter 2019.


If interested in participating, fill out the contact form on the website or click here.


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Fueling our Bodies
Health and Nutrition Program

There’s a great new program, "Fueling our Bodies," that kicked off this year, 2018, at Ferndale Upper Elementary,  which was developed with Friends of Royal Oak Township, Inc.-FOROT, a 501c3 community-based organization that has launched a number of programs and projects since 2011 in Royal Oak Township and surrounding communities. 
The representative comes from FOROT and is also a MSU Extension educator who will be facilitating nutrition and healthy eating classes for third and fourth graders through a series of six-week programs this school year. These classes are a part of the new partnership between our Upper gardens and the nonprofit, FOROT. 


The partnership will also assist with the school's spring garden club. The goal is to keep  children healthy, expand our gardens into true outdoor classrooms and engage children in both after school and summer gardening in the community. 


We are gathering resources to assist with after school activities, summer camp, field trips, cooking demonstrations and other health, urban agriculture and science related activities for youth and families. 


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Annual Health Initiative
Take A Loved One For a Check-Up

Take a Loved One for a Checkup Day is a campaign that focuses on the disparities between the health of racial and ethnic minorities and the general population.


This national initiative is geared toward those who rarely visit the doctor, or do so only when sick, to help them establish the habit of getting regular checkups. While the primary focus is to reach out to underserved populations such as minorities, immigrants and the elderly, the message applies to all of us.


During this event, everyone is encouraged to utilize community resources, such as health fairs and their local health department, to connect with the healthcare system in a meaningful way. Too many people of all walks of life rely on emergency room care for conditions and/or illnesses that are better treated in a primary care physician’s office.


Taking a loved one for a checkup is a great way to encourage those you care about to make healthy lifestyle changes.



Annual Kwanzaa Celebration - Kuumba

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We are looking forward to our Annual Celebration of Kwanzaa in collaboration with Ujima Consortium. It is our self-determination and creativity that has guided our annual celebration of our culture, community and family in our effort to reclaim our heritage. 


Our programs and work is directed by the Nguzo Saba Principles.  We trust you will continue to support and join us in unity as we continue displaying our creativity through collective work and resposnibiitly and cooperative economics for all of our purposeful programs.