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Friends of Royal Oak Township, Inc. (FOROT) is an emerging community-based, volunteer driven, non-profit organization and not an entity of the municipality of the Charter Township of Royal Oak.  FOROT was conceptualized in 2010, became actively involved in the community in 2011, and registered as a non-profit corporation in 2013.  We ultimately received recognition as a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization in 2014. 


During our formation, FOROT not only observed the needs of the local Township community but also those of adjacent and surrounding communities with underserved populations.  We serve a predominantly African American constituency that includes a large number of low income families and children.  


As a public charity, at the forefront of our primary purpose, we place serving communities and individuals particularly in the areas of health disparities, and access to resources.  Additionally, we focus on community engagement as a process for our community education programs, i.e. Health and Wellness Promotion, Healthy Food and Nutrition, Cultural Awareness, Historical Preservation and Urban Agriculture.


The concept of working collectively drives our efforts to develop relationships with diverse community- based organizations, government, and the business sector.  As such, a basis for forming social networks that revitalize and strengthen communities. Thus, resulting in our holistic approach of demonstrating integrity, ethical behavior, humanism and reciprocity in the exchange of knowledge related to health and wellness, cultural enrichment, and intergenerational relationships.



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