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PLEASE consider donating to Friends of Royal Oak Township.


Friends of Royal Oak Township (FOROT) is a 501c3, tax exempt, volunteer-driven effort. Your donations help support our program areas, which are health and wellness, culture enrichment, urban agriculture, and historical preservation. 



For those who shop at Gordon Food Service (GFS), please mention Friends of Royal Oak Township at checkout, to support our charitable organization. 



For those who shop at Krogers, link your Krogers plus card to our charitable organization.  You can find instructions here.


In addition to tax deductible financial contributions, we are equally appreciative of related support for our programs and operations. You can also make a monetary donation through PayPal via forot@att.net or make a check or money order made payable: FOROT and mail payment to:


14200 W. 8 Mile, #47137
Oak Park, MI  48237