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Honoring FOROT

MSU Key Partner Award

FOROT continues to build community and sustain relationships, as demonstrated by our recognition as a Key Partner with the MSU Extension center. On September 28, 2022, our President, Brigitte Hall, attended the MSU conference and accepted the award.


The 2022 MSU Extension Key Partner award recognized FOROT for being a significant partner for over a decade. The MSU Extension Key Partner Award recognizes those who have helped create, improve, support, and promote MSU mission of improving the lives of Michigan residents. FOROT has partnered with MSU since 2010 with various programs that target Youth, Adults and Seniors by empowering communities through our collective dedication to education of health and wellness, and urban agriculture. FOROT’s programming and partnerships, adds to the Diversity Equity and Inclusion the University is committed to uplift. We celebrated with our board members, volunteers and MSU conference attendees.

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Three Perspectives

Truth and Racial Equity

 As we enter 2023, FOROT continues its efforts to hear truths and delve into racial inequity.  We are eager to partner with United Way Southeastern Michigan and extend an invitation for you to join one of our upcoming Truth and Racial Equity presentations and listening sessions.

The presentations are designed to increase understanding of detrimental disparities and explore its historical impact relative to 10 targeted South Oakland County (SOC) communities. The accompanied interactive listening sessions are meant to further understand or discuss the information shared via the presentation. We are offering a series of virtual presentations, interactive discussion and listening sessions via virtual and or in person. Join us on March 18 for our lecture and March 22 for our listening session.

BHM-More than 29 days in February

Kwanzaa 2023

Thank you!
We would like to give a shout out to everyone who attended our Racial Equity:  Three Perspectives presentation and listening sessions.

Three Perspectives-Mar 18

Recognizing 100 years of Royal Oak Township

100+ Years Strong (1921-2023)

Friends of Royal Oak Township and the Truth Toward Reconciliation Initiative Affiliates recognize and REMEMBER that it was in 1921 (100 years ago) that led to the creation of a historically black community.  We invite individuals, organizations, faith-based institution, city council or commission to join in our recognition and historical truth-telling initiative, so many perspectives.


Standing strong, efforts have failed in the attempt to erase an African American community that has been located in South Oakland County for more than 100 years. The voices of dignity, the voices of love and truth have sustained the families and residents of Royal Oak Charter Township championing the spirit of what community resistance looks like.   For additional information contact


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Communities through
Health And Wellness Promotion,
Cultural Enrichment, Urban Agriculture,
Community Engagement
And Historical Preservation.
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