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A Nobel Celebration

Black History Poster

Black Nobel Prize Posters

Black Nobel Prize poster

Friends of Royal Oak Township is proud to offer its Black History Nobel Prize Poster.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to own the elegantly designed 25th Anniversary Edition: International Black Nobel Prize Winners Poster. Its regal colors are woven in the heritage, regions and prestige of its honorees. The 25th edition highlights the international Nobel Prize leaders of African ancestry brilliance, accomplishments and contributions in Peace, Economics and Literature.  Grab the opportunity to own this jewel of history to display, educate, inspire and remember the contributions of our ancestors and leaders who continue to illuminate a path for future generations.

Preserving History, Honoring the Past!

Grant Marker Thank You Card (2).png

Ulysses S. Grant Historical

State Marker No. 760

[Royal Oak Township, MI, July 21, 2023] – The planning for an idea and labor of love that began 13 years ago came to fruition with installation of the historical marker.  The Michigan Historical Commission approved a historical marker for the prior site, Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School.


On April 27, 2024 we commemorated the marker and had a joyful community celebration.  Attendees mingled with past friends and alumnis and embraced the history while understanding the importance of preserving the history.

Invited guest provided remarks about education, life challenges and their journey relative to Ulysses S. Grant School.  Speakers: Ferndale Mayor Leaks-May, Ferndale Superintendent Hibbler, Proclamation from County Executive Coulter, FOROT received Recognition from U.S. Senator Stabenow and Governor Whitmer and remarks from Alumni representative Herbert Ivory.  The event culminated with taking a photo of Alumni and interested attendees at the marker.  A great time was had by all.

Grant Marker Press Release 032024.docx

A Tale of Ten Cities

Preserving the History of Royal Oak Township

Get ready for an exciting cinematic experience as FOROT gears up to launch the highly anticipated TTR short film project.: Part 1: A Tale of Ten Cities. This innovative initiative promises to captivate audiences with its unique storytelling, shedding light on the historic annexation within the Royal Oak Township community.


Through this project, FOROT fostered connections, inspired dialogue, and unraveled the tapestry of stories that make up the township's historical landscape. Stay tuned for an immersive journey that celebrates the power of film to educate the community and create meaningful change.  

In partnership with the Michigan-Mellon Project on the Egalitarian Metropolis initiative, we were able to complete and contribute our short film. 

Tale of Ten Cities Invite image

Recognizing 100 years of Royal Oak Township

100+ Years Strong (1921-2024)

Friends of Royal Oak Township and the Truth Toward Reconciliation Initiative Affiliates recognize and REMEMBER that it was in 1921 (100+ years ago) that led to the creation of a historically black community.  We invite individuals, organizations, faith-based institution, city council or commission to join in our recognition and historical truth-telling initiative, so many perspectives.


Standing strong, efforts have failed in the attempt to erase an African American community that has been located in South Oakland County for more than 100 years. The voices of dignity, the voices of love and truth have sustained the families and residents of Royal Oak Charter Township championing the spirit of what community resistance looks like.   For additional information contact


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